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I am Anita Chowdry, a visual artist and educator based in London. I have lived and worked in this wonderful city for more than twenty-five years.

I see my artistic practice as a journey in which I can discover and learn about all sorts of fascinating things. It has taken me to 16th century royal workshops, to the alchemy of processing colours from minerals and metals, through some fine libraries, to the forges of master blacksmiths, and to the sublime realms of geometry and mathematics.

I have been involved in gallery and museum based education for most of my working life, and for the last few years my Bloomsbury studio, the former home of Ireland’s national peot W.B. Yeats, was located close to the institutions I have enjoyed being involved with – the Brunei Gallery SOAS, the British Museum, the British Library, and of course the King’s Cross campus of Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, where I have had the pleasure of studying for my M.A, in Art & Science.

Woburn Walk in Bloomsbury, London

From September 2016 I shall be moving on. My new working space is located at Euroart Studios at Seven Sisters, North London – a community of some of the best of London’s of contemporary artists, run by my friend and colleague Lorraine Clarke.

I shall also be undertaking a research project into some 15th Century Persian Manuscripts at Oxford University’s Bodleian Library as a Bahari Visiting Fellow in the Persian Arts of the Book. I look forward to posting regular updates on this, which will be of interest to my readers with an interest in manuscripts.